IMPORTANT: If any pool asks for your seed or private key, it is not safe to use!
We are not liable for anything you do while on the site. Pools, and other external links on our site are NOT the Bitcoin Private team and should be trusted at your own risk.

Below you can find a list of the pools where you can mine BTCP. If you know of a pool that should be listed, please contact us via one of the social media platforms:

Official Mining Pool

This is the official BTCP mining pool, built and ran by BTCP developers:

Sponsor Mining Pools

The following pools are sponsors of our community.

Mining Pools

These pool have been verified by the BTCP team.

Name Url
get2mine http://get2mine.com/
zpool http://zpool.ca/
multipools.club https://www.multipools.club/
Coinblockers https://btcp.coinblockers.com
Awesomepool http://btcp.awesomepool.net/
NibiruPool http://btcp.nibirupool.com/
Althashers http://althashers.com/
MagnificentPool http://btcp.magnificentpool.com/
ZHash http://btcp.zhash.pro/
Klondikepool http://klondikepool.net/
CloudPools http://btcp.cloudpools.net/
Miningspeed https://btcprivate.miningspeed.com/
Lucky-Mining https://btcp.lucky-mining.com.ua/
Forgetop https://btcp.forgetop.com/
Mining-Madness http://btcp.mining-madness.com/
BTCPrivate Pool Club http://btcprivatepool.club/
Multipools.club https://btcp.multipools.club
Hashitmining https://hashitmining.com/
Btcpmine.pro https://btcpmine.pro/
Mineflowpool/ http://mineflowpool.pl/
Btcp.pool.nocroom http://btcp.pool.nocroom.com/
Minez.zone http://minez.zone/
btcp.ragnarpool.ovh https://btcp.ragnarpool.ovh/
btcpmine.org http://btcpmine.org/
btcpmining.eu http://btcpmining.eu/
btcp.crypto-mining-pool.com http://btcp.crypto-mining-pool.com/
btcp.suprnova.cc https://btcp.suprnova.cc/
2miners https://2miners.com/btcp-mining-pool
coinfoundry https://coinfoundry.org/pool/btcp
Miner Maniac http://www.minermaniac.com
BTCPPool https://www.btcppool.com/
Coin Squirrels https://www.coinsquirrels.com
Cryptomineros https://bitcoinprivate.cryptomineros.com/
Btcp.2zo http://btcp.2zo.pw/index.php
ThomasPool http://testnet-btcp.thomas.uno:8080
RagnarPool https://btcp.ragnarpool.ovh/stats
Minez.zone https://minez.zone