Development Roadmap

  1. DECEMBER 2017

         First pull request made, Dec 24

  2. JANUARY 2018

         Replay Protection, Jan 5

         BTC UTXO integration, Jan 7

         Eleos wallet, Jan 8

         Release of Electrum Wallet, Jan 27

         First fork simulation and testnet, Jan 28

  3. FEBRUARY 2018

         Replay Protection Upgraded, Feb 18

         Full Node Desktop Wallet, Feb 20

         BIP9, Feb 23

         Second Testnet, Feb 23

         Partial SegWit Support, Feb 25

         Final Testnet, Feb 26

       Allowed coin claim testing

         Snapshot of BTC and ZCL, Feb 28

  4. MARCH 2018

         Fork-merge and Mainnet Launch, March 2-3

         First BTCP Trezor txn, March 9

         First BTCP Ledger Nano S txn, March 16

  5. APRIL 2018

         Enable SegWit coin claiming, April 11

         Ledger Nano S support, April 16

         Electrum release for Ledger Nano S, April 19

         Trezor code merged, April 23

         Closed Beta Merchant Platform Release

         BTCP Rebase Begins [MAJOR]

       Rebase BTCP from ZEC to BTC codebase. ZEC codebase 3 years behind BTC    Also enables facile upgrading of the BTCP node with BTC upstream merges    Major upgrades include:    BIP32    SegWit    Lightning Network    Many more
  6. Q2 2018

         Open Beta Merchant Platform Release

         BTCP Google Chrome extension

         Seed tor nodes

         One-click miner

       Allows users to easily mine BTCP at their mining pool of choice or solo mining

         Translated wallets

       Will include all the languages present on our website

         Merchant Platform Phase 2

  7. Q3 2018

         Finish rebasing of BTCP - release new core node

         Initiate soft fork for full SegWit support

         Lightning Network Initiated

         Shielded Electrum Wallet

         Embedded Tor / Tor by default

         Tor Wallet

       Complements embedded Tor

         Merchant Platform Phase 2 & 3

       E-comerce plugins integration (Shopify, Magento, WHMCS, 3dCart, Woocommerce, PrestaShop, Bigcommerce, etc)
  8. Q4 2018

         Dandelion privacy protocol

       Superior obfuscation technique involving the “stem” and the “fluff”
    that will help to further privatize Bitcoin Private’s transparent txns

         Default Privacy

       Make shielded txns default in all wallets

         Merchant Platform Phase 3 & 4

       Payment Gateway Integration

         Upgraded Wallet UI/UX

  9. 2019

         Evaluate alternate proofs of work

         BTCP DEx

         Incorporate new Jubjub / Sapling enhancements

       iOS wallet with shielded txns    Merchant platform with shielded txns

         Shielded Transactions become default

         Evaluate making shielded transactions mandatory