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Bitcoin Private


The team behind Bitcoin Private is quite simply... our community! We're not a small team of people dictating how the cryptocurrency is managed - we're a hugely diverse bunch of people who work in the true sense of the blockchain.... we're decentralised and all get involved. From designers to developers, marketing to tech support, social to copywriters, our community's wide ranging skill and experience are what keeps it moving. People come, people go and everyone is free to get involved as much as or little as they like and when they can.

We have quite a lot of people who contribute their time and effort daily. They are a testament to the community-driven nature of BTCP and are the embodiment of the spirit of volunteerism. They and the rest of the BTCP community are the reason why the project remains as fluid as ever for, despite all odds, they march forward to making Bitcoin Private a success. The BTCP set up is very different than most cryptocurrencies but it just seems to work.

If you have skills that could maybe help support Bitcoin Private, why not contact us?